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Amrapali Jaipur is a celebration of the timeless Indian art of adornment and authentic master craftsmanship. Breathing new life into centuries-old traditions of jeweler, Amrapali embodies a unique, bold and eclectic style. Like the legend of its namesake, a renowned courtesan of ancient India, Amrapali Jaipur is the expression of a mysterious, eternal world of delight.

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The label resonates with Indian women who are culture connoisseurs seeking means to embrace their glorious roots, without tampering its authencity. Anjul dips into the city of nawab’s fabled history and presents its legacy to the world with timeless heirloom pieces.


Andraab is a luxury textile company that specializes in handcrafted scarves where the cashmere is indigenously sourced from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He exquisite embroidery and artisanal craftsmanship call to traditional weaving methods that are over six centuries old, while also lending to contemporary and modern style.


Antar – Agni is a perspective, one that focuses on two extremes, to break away and yet embrace the mundane. The perspective is based on the restless curiosity to explore human nature through aesthetics and clothing. The label merely helps the fabric speak its language, adding nuance details, smart cuts and relaxed silhouettes -as raw and natural as it gets.


The brand is synonymous with artistic, one-of-a-kind Indian clothing usking handcrafted indigenous skills. The base of Anuradha’s design is always traditional Indian textiles and in her own small way, she contributes towards their preservation.


Fresh, Young & wearable; the brand’s eponymous clothing is all about elegance and romance in fusion and formal clothing. From beautiful signature embroideries to impeccable tailoring, each garment is thoughtfully handcrafted using the most luxurious fabrics.


Hand-embroidered mirror work ensembles in trendy cuts and eclectic color palettes, bringing about a seamless blend of ethnic and contemporary designs that enhances the feminine silhouette. The label is best known for its flattering take on Indian wear that views fashion as a form of self-expression to make the wearer feel confident and beautiful.


A luxurious menswear accessory brand, Vijeet strives to create designs that’ll flatter using a variety of elements. Enamel, Exotic Color stones, Diamonds, Antique Coins and more are used to make each piece unique.

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The Falguni Shane Peacock brand carries the signature use of feathers, sequence and prints. Integral to the peacock culture is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity.


Known as the master of weaves, Gaurang works with over 3000 artisans across India. The brand has revived textile crafts like Jamdani, Patan Patola, Korvai and brought them to heritage textiles, making heirloom pieces with a contemporary essence.


ikai, in hindi, means ‘one’ and symbolises strength of the singular – self-expression, fierce femininity and empowerment. Ragini Ahuja established ikai to translate these values into wearable art in 2012. The brand creates practical, timeless and season-less clothing adorned with Ahuja’s eccentric artworks and illustrations. ikai crafts global artisanal clothing with locally sourced natural and hand-woven fabrics. 


Started as a small retailing unit as a matching centre in 1961, Indian Emporium became a brand of satisfaction of weaving hand-woven fabrics in the heart of people and is till date known for its quality, colours, innovations and textures. The brand uplifted the rural handloom sector. Weavers doing ancestral techniques of weaving sustained and came back to life.


An elevated sense of luxury and one-of-a-kind fusion of contemporary aesthetics and traditional opulence is the essence of Jade. Lending each outfit a timeless, transcendental appeal; the duo strives that every modern bride achieves her dream of having her own unique fairy-tale wedding.

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The label epitomizes an elegant and relatively understated sense of style with a strong emphasis on naturally dyed, hand woven textiles that are embellished with intricate hand embroidery. The brand Infuses traditional clothing with a unique sense of style which is classical and an intensely personal fashion statement.

kunal Rawal
Kunal Rawal Label has become popular for its non-conformist and multi-functional approach toward design, its cultivated imperfection and unconventional aesthetic while being deeply rooted in its Indian culture and with signature design elements like tonal palettes and clever play on textures
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Loka’s brand aesthetic lends itself to creating a garment that is classic yet versatile in form. The use of bold colours in their designs, radiate a feeling of warmth, joy & celebration. Their colour stories overtime, have become their identity.  Their garments are ‘handcrafted’ and are characteristic of intricate embroideries, attention to detail & natural quality fabrics.

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Weaving together the threads of extravagance and expert design, Mayyur Girotra pushes the envelope of high fashion as he concocts a diverse collection of Indian bridal couture that is truly fit for Royalty. A well respected creator of a broad spectrum of design, he breaks free from conventions and rules to spell magic with his work in Indian festive dressing.

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mrunalini rao

A design is made with art, craft and love. ‘Mrunalini Rao’ is a label that offers you a range of classy and elegant clothing. Each design is a well-defined silhouette, made with fluid fabrics in pleasant colours and antique embellishment. The label is known for a beautiful range of delicately handcrafted Indian Bridal Wear.

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Natasha’s designs are set apart by their romantic silhouettes and exquisite detailing featuring embroidered laces, delicate beading, featherweight tulle and rich silks. Her signature is to combine craftsmanship and opulent work with modern lines making her customers look and feel nothing short of glamorous. One of her many gifts is an eye for what makes every woman unique and beautiful and this is why her repeat clientele consists of discerning women all over the world.

Natasha Dalal

Nidhi Tholia is known for reviving the art of Gota Patti from Jaipur. The brand has designs that are timeless and can be passed down to generations. The brand amalgamates authentic Rajasthani feel and made it fashionable for the women of today.

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Reena Mathur brings her engineer’s eye for precision and detail to every piece of ReeMat Designs jewelry. The jewelry embodies her passion for art and her personal style sensibilities, influenced by the concept of East meets West. Designed with attention to detail, in collaboration with artisans and workshops globally, ReeMat Designs fuse the classic and contemporary creating high-end fashion jewelry.


With an eye for antiques, Sasha collected rare silver jewelry from around the world for a lot of years, before she made her passion for her brand in 2015. The brand curates rare one-of-a-kind silver accessories and makes it relevant to the new-age woman.

shyamal & Bhumika

Shyamal & Bhumika seeks inspiration from the rich Indian heritage and culture that is over five thousand years old. The designer duo work towards reviving India’s precious crafts and artisans techniques to create couture collections relevant to modern day sensibilities.

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On a quest to revolutionise Indian couture, Seema Gujral’s designs revolve around creating ingenious ensembles that reflect the beauty of India’s traditional crafts while amalgamating it with a modern perspective. Made with excellent quality fabrics, each garment is customised according to the taste and requirements of the bride-to-be. We love to create our designs with immense thought, love, and dedication.

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Having worked with the weavers of Maheshwar for over 20 years, the brand has redefined the look of the textile. Using various textures, colors, motifs and ornamental techniques the traditional textile is given a contemporary spin.

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Consisting of handcrafted carryalls constructed using curated, vintage, and one-of-a-kind embroidery patches, the bags merge versatile glamour with the rich heritage of Indian textiles. Employing unique fabrics extracted from vintage choli dresses, dowry pouches, wedding sashes, wall hangings, and antique tribal costumes dating as far back as the 19th century.

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